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Friday, September 5, 2008

Only In Germany!

Only in Germany could you be driving home with an open bottle of wine between your legs, and NOT worry about getting pulled over. LOL. No, I wasn't drinking it either. S, G ( names have been modified to hide thier identity. Or at least S asked me to do this. ), and I went to Dahn today to the basket factory. Yes, we bought too much. We've decided that this place is our version of the Louvre. You can spend hours there and still not see everything. Anyway, on the way home we stopped at a veggie stall and picked up some Neuer Wein ( new wine ). S and I got the big containers, and G got the smaller one. It was still big. LOL. After that was lunch, then on to another stall. This one carried wein and Federwasser ( I think that's how it's spelled. It's a lemonadey kind of wine. Well, it came in a bottle, but now top, just a foil wrap around it to make it look closed. Before we even got out of the village, G was drinking out of the bottle. LOL. Now you know why they don't wish to be named. ;) I dropped off G first, the S. Well, I had to get home with this open bottle. So, where is the logical place to put it? Right! Between my legs. LOL. SO I was driving home with an opened bottle of wine placed between my thighes. ROFL!!

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