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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SCS Color Challenge/ FTI for Terry

It's a cold day, so I got the fire going and decided to play with the SCS Color Challenge and a First TIme Inked Challenge for my pal Terry. No, she doesn't have a challenge on her blog, but you can all visit her anyway.( ) Just don't tell her I sent you. LOL. O.k., I used Riding Hood Red, Basic Gray and Old Olive ( didn't have Always Artichoke ). The stamp is from SU! Peace To The World. It's a retired set, but I wanted to play with it anyway. I've had it about 2 months, and just cut the rubber recently. I used Fun Flock on the lions mane and the sheep. Hope you like it. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Halloween Card

Well, I haven't found a Halloween Challenge yet ( if you now of one, let me know ), but this is a card I'm sending to some friends daughters. I used the Booglie Eyes set. I CASEd the idea from my pal Felicia ( ) and changed it just a bit. I used Dazzling Diamonds on the spider so he's all glittery. And I used some of Nicks' hairspray to make the glitter stick. LOL. Hope you like it. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Card Sketch Saturday

Once again, I have to give Kristie and Terry credit. Not for the card, but for getting me card making while Courtney is sleeping. If I haven't told you ladies yet, THANKS!!

Here's my entry for the Card Sketch Saturday Challenge on This was my first submission to this site. I actually got a 2fer out of it because it's a stamp I've never inked. :) Hope y'all like it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute Card Thursday Challenge

Well, thanks to a joint effort by my gal pals Terry and Kristie, I am, for the first time, entering a card in a challenge. This is the Cute Card Thursday Cat/Dog Challenge at -> This sort of throws off what I was going to do for a group card swap, but that's o.k. Hope you like it. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ha ha!! S hasn't commented yet, so I guess I'm in the clear. Well, for now anyway.

So I've got a couple of pictures to share. I made some ATCs' for a swap. My color was the new Tangerine Tango. It took me a few days to convince myself that it was a good color. LOL. Anyway, these cards are REALLY orange, or Tangeringe if you prefer. I'm still not sure about them. I used, obviously, the new Tangerine Tango cardstock. The fruit is from the Tart and Tangy set by SU! I stamped it in the TT ink and sponged the same color around the edges. The paper is from the Tart and Tangy DP. The ribbon is some random ribbon I had around, adn the eyelet is again, a random one. Let me know what you think. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


O.k., so I've abandoned my idea of getting into the stroller class. It just wasn't working for me how I wanted it to work. I was hoping for something much more structured and to be told what to do. What I got, while it wasn't bad, just isn't what I need. It was alot of, " This is what you'll be doing in the next hour, so go do it". People went at their own pace, which is good, but it made me uncomfortable. When you in a class doing something, the instructor can see everyone all in the same place and help almsot immediately. In this, all I was getting was " We need to work on your flexability" and " Don't roll your eyes at me". So, I give!! I've been into fitness long enough to know what I need to do. I just need to do it. I've been walking every day, but I've hit a plateau, so I need to up that. Add another walk or bust out the videos for afterwards. I also need to get my weights out. I have plenty of DVDs with weights, and my body reacts well to them, so I might as well do it, right? Looks like I'm going to be dragging my CIG To Fitness around for a while. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Opening Day!

Today is Opening Day of the 2008 Flag Football Season, and it's pouring. LOL. The Opening Ceremonies have been cancelled, and they'll let us know later if we're still playing. That gives me a little relief because I still need to get a mouth guard for Nick. In a way, I'm hoping the game is put off because I want a break. I was up at 6 this morning. All I want is one morning of sleeping in. Just one.

Anyway, I'll be back later to update and cancellations/win/loss.

Edit: Coach says we're playing in the squishy grass. YUCK!! We did that last year and I was miserable. Nick had his best game ever though.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Only In Germany!

Only in Germany could you be driving home with an open bottle of wine between your legs, and NOT worry about getting pulled over. LOL. No, I wasn't drinking it either. S, G ( names have been modified to hide thier identity. Or at least S asked me to do this. ), and I went to Dahn today to the basket factory. Yes, we bought too much. We've decided that this place is our version of the Louvre. You can spend hours there and still not see everything. Anyway, on the way home we stopped at a veggie stall and picked up some Neuer Wein ( new wine ). S and I got the big containers, and G got the smaller one. It was still big. LOL. After that was lunch, then on to another stall. This one carried wein and Federwasser ( I think that's how it's spelled. It's a lemonadey kind of wine. Well, it came in a bottle, but now top, just a foil wrap around it to make it look closed. Before we even got out of the village, G was drinking out of the bottle. LOL. Now you know why they don't wish to be named. ;) I dropped off G first, the S. Well, I had to get home with this open bottle. So, where is the logical place to put it? Right! Between my legs. LOL. SO I was driving home with an opened bottle of wine placed between my thighes. ROFL!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bella, Bella, Bella!!

And for you stampers, I don't mean Stamping Bellas. I'm talking about the boxer 2 houses over. She is the SWEETEST, cutest, most wonderful dog ( behind mine ) that I know. BUT, she's an escape artist. LOL. If she's not following me down the street for a walk, she's sitting on my back doorstep. I think she's lonely as she's an only dog, so Bella comes over to hang out with Ripley. Melissa mentioned yesterday that she thinks Bella needs a playmate, and I agree. I also think that the landlord needs to give them a new fence. She can dig holes under and through it. Normally, I wouldn't mind taking her home 5 times a day, but I have stuff to do and Courtney is only taking short naps now. Well, I suppose that if it wasn't raining and I'd taken her on her expected walk, she wouldn't be visiting, huh? LOL