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Monday, September 8, 2008


O.k., so I've abandoned my idea of getting into the stroller class. It just wasn't working for me how I wanted it to work. I was hoping for something much more structured and to be told what to do. What I got, while it wasn't bad, just isn't what I need. It was alot of, " This is what you'll be doing in the next hour, so go do it". People went at their own pace, which is good, but it made me uncomfortable. When you in a class doing something, the instructor can see everyone all in the same place and help almsot immediately. In this, all I was getting was " We need to work on your flexability" and " Don't roll your eyes at me". So, I give!! I've been into fitness long enough to know what I need to do. I just need to do it. I've been walking every day, but I've hit a plateau, so I need to up that. Add another walk or bust out the videos for afterwards. I also need to get my weights out. I have plenty of DVDs with weights, and my body reacts well to them, so I might as well do it, right? Looks like I'm going to be dragging my CIG To Fitness around for a while. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...I love the "Don't roll your eyes at me." I can totally see some poor trainer having to say that to me. :)

Sorry the class isn't working out for you. I do like the new digs here changed your layout!